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Health Tip: Protect Your Child's Hearing - 2018-09-18
"Schools are chock-full of loud and potentially destructive sounds, including crowded hallways, buses, band practices and sporting events." More

Health Tip: Coping With ADHD - 2018-09-18
"Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) makes it difficult for a person -- most often a child -- to pay attention and stay focused." More

Parents Blame Smartphones, Tablets for Teens' Sleep Troubles - 2018-09-18
"Many American teens are sleep-deprived, and parents blame their attachment to electronics, new survey results show." More

Could Household Cleaners Make Your Kid Fat? - 2018-09-17
"The research can't prove cause-and-effect, but suggests that household disinfectants might be promoting childhood obesity by altering the gut bacteria of infants." More

Infant Walkers Still Injuring Thousands of Babies - 2018-09-17
"Despite decades of warnings about the hazards of baby walkers, thousands of toddlers still end up in hospital emergency rooms with walker-related injuries, new research shows." More

Is Daily Low-Dose Aspirin Really Worth It for Seniors? - 2018-09-17
"There's disappointing news for seniors: A new trial shows that taking daily low-dose aspirin doesn't prolong healthy, independent living in otherwise healthy people aged 70 and older." More

1 in 12 Americans Lives With Debilitating Chronic Pain - 2018-09-14
"Of the 50 million Americans living with chronic pain, the pain is so bad for 20 million that it keeps them from doing the daily activities of life, researchers say." More

Picky Eating May Mask Larger Issues - 2018-09-14
"Many children are picky eaters, making every meal a challenge. But for some, the problem goes deeper than not liking vegetables or whole-wheat bread." More

More Water, Mom? H2O Is Top Kids' Beverage in U.S. - 2018-09-13
"U.S. kids are drinking far more water than sodas and fruit drinks, health officials say." More

Health Tip: Prevent Yoga-Related Injury - 2018-09-13
"While the agency notes yoga is safe for most people, those who are pregnant or have high blood pressure, glaucoma or sciatica may be at greater risk of injury." More

Staying a Happy Couple During a Home Reno - 2018-09-13
"Spending to make your home nicer, safer and more efficient can save you money in the long run, but it could cause stress in your relationship in the here-and-now." More

1 in 3 College Freshmen Faces Mental Health Woes - 2018-09-13
"More than one in three first-year college students around the world struggle with a mental health disorder, new research suggests." More

How to Reassure Kids When Florence Strikes - 2018-09-13
"Adults have spent a lifetime hearing about or experiencing natural disasters such as Hurricane Florence, which is targeting the Carolinas this week." More

New Drug Could Help Kids With MS - 2018-09-12
"Researchers say the first drug for children with multiple sclerosis vastly outperformed another common MS medication in a new clinical trial." More

Mindfulness May Be a Buffer Against Pain - 2018-09-12
"Mindfulness meditation may take the edge off of pain, a new study suggests." More

1515 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)