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A Kid-Friendly Emergency Room Saves Lives - 2019-08-23
"Critically ill kids are far more likely to survive if they're treated at hospital emergency rooms that are well-equipped to care for children, a new study finds." More

CBD Is the Rage, But More Science Needed on Safety, Effectiveness - 2019-08-22
"Everywhere you look, CBD products are for sale, and they may hold promise for treating chronic pain, opioid addiction and other conditions." More

Mixing Marijuana With Opioids May Not Be Good for Mental Health - 2019-08-22
"As America continues to struggle with an opioid epidemic, marijuana has been suggested by some as a safer alternative to opioid painkillers. But taking the two together may leave users vulnerable to mental health issues, a new study finds." More

HPV Vaccination Rate in U.S. Girls Has Stalled - 2019-08-22
"While there's been a slight uptick in the number of American boys who get the HPV vaccine to help prevent certain cancers, a new study finds there's been almost no increase for girls." More

Health Tip: Stay Healthy at Work - 2019-08-22
"Low-stress, supportive workplaces are good for employee health, says Harvard Medical School." More

How to Protect Your Baby Against Eczema - 2019-08-22
"Using a rich moisturizer, even an inexpensive one like petroleum jelly, is one part of keeping eczema under control. Now researchers have found that this skin care step can keep many newborns at risk for the condition from developing it." More

Deep Brain 'Zap' Restores Vivid Memories to Alzheimer's Patients - 2019-08-21
"Could a pacemaker for the brain improve the memories of people with dementia or Alzheimer's disease?" More

Women's Mid-Life Stress Might Have Long-Term Effect on Memory - 2019-08-20
"Stressful experiences in middle age are associated with greater memory loss among women later in life, but this link is not found in men, a new study says." More

Could Dirty Air Spur a Rise in Serious Mental Illness? - 2019-08-20
"As air quality declines, the prevalence of mental health conditions may rise, a large, new study suggests." More

How Much Sex is Right for You and Your Partner? - 2019-08-20
"Are you having enough sex? It's a loaded question. "Enough," like "a lot," means different things to different people -- it could mean every night, twice a week or twice a month." More

When Is It Time for Seniors to Hand Over the Car Keys? - 2019-08-20
"Driving is a source of independence for many seniors, so determining when they should hang up the keys requires careful consideration, an expert says." More

Supplement Pills Can Pose Choking Risk for Seniors, Study Finds - 2019-08-19
"Large pills and dietary supplements can be tough for anyone to swallow, but new research finds they may pose a potentially dire risk to seniors." More

How to Protect a Loved One With Dementia During a Heat Wave - 2019-08-19
"Heat waves can pose a serious risk to people with Alzheimer's disease, so their families should know how to keep them safe, advocates say." More

Upping Seniors' Blood Pressure Meds After Hospital Can Sometimes Bring Danger - 2019-08-19
"For seniors who've been hospitalized for non-cardiac conditions, any hike in blood pressure medications as they leave the hospital can prove dangerous, new research shows." More

Recognizing When Your Parents Need Help - 2019-08-19
"Sometimes it's obvious when older parents need outside help -- like when they're having difficulty managing numerous chronic illnesses or losing mobility and unable to maneuver well even at home. But mental problems may not be as easy to spot." More

1140 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)