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The Long Term Consequences of Being Bullied

There was a time when bullying in schools and neighborhoods was nothing more than kids pulling pranks on one another. In other words, it was just an example of "kids being kids." There was even the attitude that, if the target of the bullying would just... More...

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For College Athletes, Long-Term Wellbeing Depends on Smooth Transition

In the thick of March Madness, it's fitting to wonder what happens to all of these elite, Division I college athletes after they graduate. Do they continue to stay at the top of their game? More...

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How to Stop Worrying

Some ‘rules’ around worrying seem commonplace. These are the rules I have come across the most: 1) I must worry to reduce the risk of something bad happening in an uncertain situation More...

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Vitamin D and Depression

Over the past decade there have been numerous scientific studies touting vitamin D as the wonder vitamin, finding it capable of fighting everything from cancer to depression. But do vitamin D levels really affect mental health? More...

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Brain Games Might Make You Sharper - At Brain Games, That Is

Luminosity. Happy Neuron. Cogmed. Do these names sound familiar to you? If so, you've probably engaged in brain games on your computer. You might have done it just for fun, but a growing number of people engage in computer brain games in hopes of improving... More...

MHSSO History

MHSSO's parent organization was formed in 1950 and incorporated in 1954 as the Carter County Child Guidance Clinic, a citizen's owned, non-profit, non-governmental corporation.  In 1974, following a grant from the National Institute of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse, operations were expanded and the Carter County Guidance Clinic began serving a five county area. 

In 1977, after securing a grant from the National Institute of Mental Health, Mental Health Services of Southern Oklahoma became the operational arm of the Guidance Clinic of Southern Oklahoma, a comprehensive mental health center serving a nine county area. 

Today, in addition to an administrative office, Mental Health Services of Southern Oklahoma has six community mental health clinics.  Through these clinics a full range of mental health care is provided, including screening services, emergency (24 hour) services, outpatient, psycho-social rehabilitation, care after hospitalization for psychiatric conditions, enhanced residential care, child/adolescent services including a Systems of Care program in Carter, Love and Johnston counties, services for the elderly, and substance abuse treatment.

In 2008, MHSSO provided a leadership role in the implementing of tele-med services across rural southern Oklahoma.  At present, we are one of the largest providers of tele-health services in Oklahoma.

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U.S. Health Spending Projected to Rise 5.8 Percent By 2024
From 2014 to 2024, U.S. health spending growth is projected to increase by about 6 percent, according to a report published online July 28 in Health AffairsMore...

AMA Wants Doctor Input on EHRs, Meaningful Use
The American Medical Association is encouraging clinicians to share their perspectives on electronic heath records and the meaningful use program. More...

Health Tip: When a Child Sucks the Thumb
Suggestions to help break the habit More...

Inflammation Could Up Risk of Hearing Loss With Antibiotic
Inflammation from bacterial infections may increase susceptibility to aminoglycoside-linked hearing impairment by increasing the uptake of the antibiotic into the inner ear, according to experimental research. The findings were published in the July 29 issue of Science Translational MedicineMore...

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The Secret to Parenting your Pre-teen
I counsel parents of children in the early adolescent phase of development who often rack their brains trying to figure out what is happening to their once obedient and sweet child and seeking strategies for resolving unruly behavior and attitudes. More...

IEP Disagreement Options and Annual Renewals
Once everyone appears satisfied with the plan, parents will need to sign off on the IEP in three locations: 1) a check-box indicating they attended the meeting, 2) a check-box indicating they received a document highlighting their rights under IDEA (if in fact they did receive it), and 3) a check-box to indicate whether the parents agree with the IEP, partially agree with the IEP, or totally disagree with the IEP. More...

How Exercise Can Reduce Anxiety
You probably already know that if you exercise regularly a good workout can help you feel less stressed and better able to cope with problems. But can exercise help people with significant anxiety? Studies have found that physical activity can not only reduce anxiety symptoms, it can improve quality of life. More...