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What Are Other Suicide Warning Signs?

In addition to suicidal thoughts, there are other warning signals that suggest suicide risk as well as the possible presence of a mental or physical illness. More...

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Strategies That Work to Help Prevent Suicides

Measures include physical barriers and selling fewer pills at once, experts say. More...

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Religious Service Attendance May Lower Suicide Risk in Women

Women who regularly attend religious services may have a lower risk of suicide than those who don't, according to research published online June 29 in JAMA Psychiatry. More...

MHSSO History

MHSSO's parent organization was formed in 1950 and incorporated in 1954 as the Carter County Child Guidance Clinic, a citizen's owned, non-profit, non-governmental corporation.  In 1974, following a grant from the National Institute of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse, operations were expanded and the Carter County Guidance Clinic began serving a five county area. 

In 1977, after securing a grant from the National Institute of Mental Health, Mental Health Services of Southern Oklahoma became the operational arm of the Guidance Clinic of Southern Oklahoma, a comprehensive mental health center serving a nine county area. 

Today, in addition to an administrative office, Mental Health Services of Southern Oklahoma has six community mental health clinics.  Through these clinics a full range of mental health care is provided, including screening services, emergency (24 hour) services, outpatient, psycho-social rehabilitation, care after hospitalization for psychiatric conditions, enhanced residential care, child/adolescent services including a Systems of Care program in Carter, Love and Johnston counties, services for the elderly, and substance abuse treatment.

In 2008, MHSSO provided a leadership role in the implementing of tele-med services across rural southern Oklahoma.  At present, we are one of the largest providers of tele-health services in Oklahoma.


IEP Disagreement Options and Annual Renewals

Once everyone appears satisfied with the plan, parents will need to sign off on the IEP in three locations: 1) a check-box indicating they attended the meeting, 2) a check-box indicating they received a document highlighting their rights under IDEA (if in fact they did receive it), and 3) a check-box to indicate whether the parents agree with the IEP, partially agree with the IEP, or totally disagree with the IEP. More...

Childhood Television Viewing and Violent Behavior

The LA times printed an article that reviews recent studies linking adult criminal behavior with childhood exposure to violent television programming. Dr. Claire McCarthy, a pediatrician at Boston Children's Hospital, screening time is increasing due to YouTube, Smart Phones and video streaming. According to McCarthy,... More...

Perspectives - Vol. 3, No. 2 - On Becoming an Organizational Psychohumorist

"Now, more than ever, we need to bring humor and laughter into our personal, professional and organizational lives." More...

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Specially Designed Video Game Might Ease 'Phantom Limb' Pain
Study finds exercising virtual limb cut pain by as much as half. More...

Newborn Screen IDs Previously Unknown Cause of SCID
Mutant BCL11B has been identified as a cause of severe combined immunodeficiency in newborn screening, according to a study published in the Dec. 1 issue of the New England Journal of MedicineMore...

Americans Divided Over Organic, GM Foods: Poll
Their opinions aren't driven by politics or income, researchers say. More...

U.S. to Ban Smoking in Public Housing
Agencies have 18 months to implement smoke-free policies. More...

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